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Client Brief

We want a unique logo designed that will be used as a watermark on photographic images, and for our business cards.

The image will also be part of a design business.

It is important that the logo work as a stand alone graphic element as well as a logo incorporating the full name of our company. I am also open to very creative use of font only with minor graphical element within the font.

The logo must be graphic, modern, simple and eye catching.

Our tagline again is: Love is the River of Life in the World.

But please don't overly emphasize LOVE. I want this logo to be able to be used for design and photography outside of weddings.

So the obvious thing would be to incorporate River as a graphic element and perhaps love or world... but please! Nothing hokey or too corny! Thing classy but not overly elegant or frou frou.

You can view my website showing my initial logo design at I don't love this... Did it myself, but I do sort of like the H and the swash/river thing.

Right now most of the 3 star logos feel too corporate.... the H seeming too imposing. Remember the bulk of my business is wedding photography and design. So while these are all very good, they seem like logos for an architect, or a tech firm.... not a creative studio.

Please look at my website to generate ideas: or my blog at

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