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Post Card Design

Client Brief

1) General Solar Theme needed for front of 4 1/4" x 6" postcard. We sell solar products: Photovoltaic Panels (PV), Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Pool Heaters
2) Back of postcard need to be more of a template with general callback info/website on bottom so we can adjust messaging as needed.
3) Logo is provided.
4) Solar stock photos from istockphoto will be provided (****not that these necessarily need to be used, however they are an option****). General photos of other products provided as well.
5) The front of the postcard also needs to have photos/mention of our other products (wind, water processing, geothermal)
6) Front text needs to be: The Sun - Your ultimate heating source. Use EcoLogical Energy Systems and watch your energy bills drop.
7) Back language (bottom left of back of postcard) needs to say: Call (276) 791-5120 to learn more about solar energy solutions for your home or office.
8) Be as creative as possible - we're looking for something dynamic and eyecatching that will make people interested in the information on the back!

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